GNS Väg (The Group for National Vision Zero Cooperation - Roads)

The Group for National Vision Zero Cooperation - Roads (GNS Väg) is an arena for the exchange of knowledge and coordination of activities within the area of road safety between important players with the aim of realising Vision Zero.

GNS Väg holds meetings four times a year and takes up current traffic safety issues that concern road traffic and the management of safety on the roads by objectives. Each year, GNS Väg publish an orientation document, describing strategic areas for future road safety actions. GNS Väg is the origin of the Management by Coloperative Strategies.

GNS Väg has representatives from:

  • The Swedish Work Environment Authority
  • Folksam
  • The National Association for Road Safety
  • The Swedish National Association of Driver Trainers
  • The Swedish Association for Road Transport Companies
  • The Ministry for Infrastructure
  • The Swedish National Police Board
  • The Swedish Association of Local Authorities and Regions
  • Veoneer
  • The city of Stockholm
  • The city of Gothenburg
  • The Swedish Transport Agency
  • The Swedish Transport Administration