City lights by night.

Collaboration with the industry

Construction Forum. Joint development work that is performed by the Swedish Transport Administration, the Swedish Construction Federation and the Federation of Swedish Innovation Companies.

Accessibility is a prerequisite for a sustainable society. The Swedish construction industry's clients, contractors and consultants contribute, together and individually, to creating social benefits. We in the industry are interdependent and our cooperation is based on understanding each other's driving forces, demands and needs.

The declaration of intent decided by the three parties on National Construction Day 12 November 2019 states:


  • we help create an attractive industry for all, where competence and resource provision is our common challenge.
  • we have an ethical approach to business that permeates everything. In our business, fair competition, social responsibility and zero tolerance of cheating apply.
  • we show each other confidence based on each other's competences, that we stand by our word and that we wish each other well.
  • we develop the Swedish transport infrastructure with a focus on innovation, productivity and climate impact.
  • we are responsible for ensuring that no one is seriously injured or killed in our workplaces.

Vision: Together in a future industry

Together we create sustainable social benefits. We are an attractive, healthy and safe industry that through dialogue, trust, confidence and commitment develops the Swedish transport infrastructure.