ISO 39001 - Management system for traffic safety

Vision Zero is an important fundamental principle in the global standard for the management system that governs traffic safety on the roads – ISO 39001.

The standard was first published in autumn 2012 as a result of international work on the part, among other participants, of WHO and the World Bank. The work that led up to ISO 39001 was initiated and directed by the Swedish authorities Trafikverket (the Swedish Transport Administration) and the Swedish Standards Institute (SIS).


ISO 39001 concerns all organizations that want to improve road traffic safety, and is applicable to all public and private organizations that interact with the road traffic systems. ISO 39001 is designed to help organizations reduce, and ultimately eliminate, the incidence and risk of death and serious injury related to road traffic crashes. The standard include all elements of the road traffic system and their linkages - road infrastructure, vehicles, the emergency medical system, and road users. Focuses the organization on its road traffic safety objectives and targets and guides the planning of activities that will realize these goals.

ISO 39001 is fully aligned with other management systems such as ISO 9001 Quality management Systems and ISO 14001 Environmental Management Systems, and is built up on the basis of a similar system. The purpose of the standard is that organisations should work more systematically with road safety and based on a Plan, Do, Check and Act process.

All users have a role to play in order to save human life and reduce the human suffering as a consequence of road accidents. This International Standard is not intended to exclude road users from their obligations to comply with the law and behave responsibly. It can support the organization in its efforts to encourage road users to comply with the law.

Sweden/SIS also runs the International Secretariat TC 241 (Road traffic safety management system).