Assortment management in contract agreements

In contract procurements,reference is made to agreements signed by the Swedish Transport Administration.This applies to the supply of technically approved material via the Swedish Transport Administration and the disposal of unserviceable wooden sleepers.

The agreements shall be used within the contract to which the procurement relates and are contract documents, designated as pre-ordered material and material provided in the contract agreement (AFC/AFD. 15 Goods), i.e. material agreed in advance.

Any material is not specifically pre-ordered for the contract in question; instead the necessary material must be ordered by the contractor from the assortment schedule. The assortment schedule contains the selected supply solution for each product (you can find a link to the assortment schedule below). Thus the contractor primarily orders technically approved material in the Material Catalogue.

The agreement for the disposal of unserviceable wooden sleepers can be found under Contracts for suppliers at the link below.