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Woman on train

New main lines - a new generation railway

To increase the availability of sustainable travel and freight transport – The Swedish Transport Administration is planning and building new main lines. The East Link, Gothenburg–Borås and Hässleholm–Lund projects are underway.

There is not enough capacity on the Swedish railway and an expansion of the railway network is needed. More capacity will make train journeys smoother for travellers and businesses. The new main line will release capacity on existing mainlines, contributing to a more robust railway system as well as increased availability of sustainable travel and freight transport options. Improved accessibility also creates opportunities for regional development and increased accessibility to international markets.  The new main lines will in the future connect our three main cities Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmö and also connecting people and businesses in the regions between the three main cities.

Our task – new main lines

The Swedish Transport Administration has the mission to plan, build and maintain new main lines between Stockholm–Gothenburg and Stockholm–Malmö. The new main line system is to be built in stages with development starting with the East Link, Gothenburg–Borås and Hässleholm–Lund projects.

A map over new main lines, illustration.

Explanation of colours in map, see below