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Colorful freight train on the railway.

ScanMed Freight corridor

The EU Commission has adopted an Regulation that deals with the creation of nine freight corridors in a European rail network.

The Regulation came into force on 9 November 2010. The corridor that incorporates Sweden (according to Appendix 1 of the Regulation) is Scan Med freight corridor, Central North – South Corridor, which includes the stretch of line between Stockholm/Oslo, Malmö, Copenhagen, Hamburg, Innsbruck, Verona and Palermo.

The purpose of freight corridors is to facilitate mobility for goods through Europe and to strengthen competitiveness for industry and commerce. It is a matter of ensuring that there are integrated timetables through a number of countries so that transportation is linked together from point A to B. The corridor shall be ready for traffic by 10 November 2015 at the latest.