Network Statement

The Network Statement describes the railway network administered by Trafikverket.

In accordance with EU Directive 2012/34/EU on the allocation of infrastructure capacity, the levying of fees and charges for use of the infrastructure and the issue of safety certificates, as well as the Railway Act (2004:519), Trafikverket hereby publishes a description of the railway network, or Network Statement, which is administered by Trafikverket.

The purpose of the Network Statement is to provide all stakeholders intending to apply for infrastructure capacity or operate rail services on the Swedish railway network with basic information on the prerequisites for this, with an emphasis on that part of the railway network which is administered by Trafikverket. The Network Statement therefore contains information on:

  • Requirements to be met by applicants and principles governing the right to operate traffic, licences, safety certificates, operation agreements, etc.
  • Infrastructure, i.e. stations, halts, track gauges, loading profiles, axleload, gradients, electrification, speed, communication systems, etc.
  • Regulations governing applications for infrastructure capacity, as well as principles and criteria for capacity allocation
  • Fee system including fees and charges for certain individually specified services

To receive previous editions of the Network Statement (before 2017), please contact our Customer Service, see Contact us above.