E6.21, Eriksbergsmotet–Inlandsgatan

We are rebuilding Eriksbergsmotet to increase traffic safety and accessibility on Lundbyleden.


To increase traffic safety and accessibility.

Current status

We are currently building. 

About the project

The light-regulated intersection between Lundbyleden and Inlandsgatan is today a big problem-area where accidents appear and stops the flow of traffic. Therefore, we will close the intersection and instead build a new circulation area in Eriksbergsmotet, which we will connect with Inlandsgatan and the bridge over Lundbyleden. Thus the last traffic light on Lundbyleden disappears.

The left turn lane that exists at the signal crossing today will be closed to public traffic and become a maintenance road for the planned noise barriers along Lundbyleden. For traffic driving east and turning off the trail after the Lundby tunnel, we will widen the exit ramp with one lane. This is also where you have to turn off to reach Inlandsgatan instead of at today's signal crossing.

The new solution makes it easier for you as a road user to get to and from the new area described in the City of Gothenburg's detailed plan for Volvo Lundby.

This is what we will do:

  • build a new roundabout and local street at Eriksbergsmotet
  • adapt local streets and pedestrian and cycle paths
  • adapt Lundbyleden's entrance and exit ramps
  • close the intersection between Lundbyleden and Inlandsgatan (the left-hand turn lane becomes a maintenance road).

We started our work in June 2023, and expect to be done in the fall of 2024. Most of the work will not affect the roads, and what does affect traffic we plan to do outside rush hour.

We are carrying out the project in collaboration with the City of Gothenburg, the development administration, which is rebuilding the connecting street network.