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Tunnel opening with four files in each direction. Some cars, a truck and a bus are on their way out and into the tunnel, respectively. Photo: The Swedish Transport Administration.

E6, Tingstadstunneln, Maintenance work

We are scheduling a recondition of Tingstadstunneln to increase its life span, reduce the environmental impact and improve safety.

Tingstadstunneln is an immersed tunnel that is 455 meters long, located under Göta älv, which connects Hisingen with Gothenburg and mainland. The tunnel is a part of E6, which is the main thoroughfare through Gothenburg and is the busiest passage over Göta Älv. Tingstadstunneln is also an internationally important traffic function as E6 is the main road connection between Oslo and Copenhagen. The tunnel opened for traffic in 1968 and is heavily loaded with approximately 125,000 vehicles per day, just over 60,000 distributed on three lanes in each direction.

We are planning on recondition the tunnel’s construction during the years 2022-2023 to increase its life span. We plan to replace most of the technical installations and take several measures to reduce the environmental impact as well as increase safety and reduce the consequences of accidents.