Slussportar i höstskrud

Locks in Trollhätte canal

To ensure the future of shipping on lake Vänern, the Swedish Transport Administration in collaboration with the Swedish Maritime Administration are building new navigational locks in in Lilla Edet, Trollhättan and Vänersborg.

The current locks are over a hundred years old and their function cannot be kept up for much longer by regular maintenance and therefore they need to be replaced. By 2030 the locks are considered to have reached their technical life expectancy.

New locks are needed

  • to ensure the shipping transportation needed by the industry
  • to create conditions for a future shift of transportation from roads to shipping
  • to enable larger vessels to traffic the canal in the future

New locks are also beneficial for the local and boat tourism industry and are a prerequisite for a continued development of the traffic on, to and from lake Vänern.

What about procurements?

In the early supplier dialogues, nine suppliers discussed the project together with us.

Below, you can read what was said and see the slide show that formed the starting point for the discussions.

Further down, you can also find information about our upcoming procurements.