Four tracks co-financed by the EU

The stretch between Flackarp and Arlöv is co-financed by the EU during the period February 2020–January 2023. The goal is to increase capacity, reduce noise disturbances and improve accessibility along the route as well as to the rest of Europe.

On 16th of July 2020 the Connecting Europe Facility Committee for Transport Sector has decided that the project "Action 2019-SE-TM-0106-W/Removal of a major bottleneck between Flackarp and Arlöv on the Swedish Southern Main Line" will be co-financed with EUR 23 640 000 for the period February 2020–January 2023.

The co-financing relates to the construction of the first part of the Lund–Malmö stretch i.e. between Flackarp and Arlöv, with the aim of increasing capacity, thereby eliminating bottlenecks, reducing noise disturbances and improving accessibility along the route as well as in the European Scandinavian–Mediterranean corridor. 

Parts of the project have already received EU funding for the development of the Railway Plan including Environmental Impact Assessment and preparatory works for the Flackarp–Arlöv section, "Action no. 2012-SE-12033-S/Design studies for expansion to four tracks of Nordic Triangle at Flackarp–Arlöv in Sweden".