Åkarp station

The four tracks pass 6 meters beneath ground level through Åkarp. On a 400 meters long part of the stretch the tracks is covered and forms a railway tunnel.

The railway tunnel provides the possibility of creating a park area above the tracks with paths for pedestrians and cyclists. Lervägen is extended to connect up with Stationsvägen on the eastern side of the tracks.

Illustration of the station.

The platforms are located south of the tunnel 6 meter beneath ground level, and on the edge of the stationwalls there is 2 meter-high noise barriers.

The railway crossing on Alnarpsvägen is converted to bridge over the tracks. Gränsvägen in the north is extended and continues on a bridge over the lowered tracks. When all the works have been completed, Åkarp will have three crossings: Alnarpsvägen, the tunnel roof and Gränsvägen.