Burlöv station

Burlöv Station in Arlöv is converted into a commuter station. Passengers will reach the two intermediate platforms via a pedestrian and cycle tunnel beneath the tracks, which will have a wide and airy design.

The conversion into a commuter station means that the Öresund trains will stop at the station, and that the service frequency to Malmö/Copenhagen and to Lund will increase. With the intermediate platforms, passengers can embark the trains on all four tracks. A pedestrian and cycle tunnel will also be built, and noise barriers will be built alongside the tracks.


On the eastern side of the tracks, facing “Burlöv Center”, an open area will be created, where the Municipality of Burlöv has ambitions to create a centre square. They have invested in the construction of a wide and well-lit pedestrian and cycle tunnel beneath the station.

Two large intersecting roads (Kronetorpsvägen and Lommavägen) are affected by the project. The railway bridges crossing the two roads is widened. 

The two new tracks are built west of the present two tracks.