Collaboration for Speed Compliance in Commercial Transport

In September 2016, the Swedish Transport Administration was commissioned by the Government to lead the national collaboration for increased traffic safety in Sweden.

An appeal for Sustainable speed

In 2019 The Swedish Transport Administration started a dialogue with a number of chosen private enterprizes, all of them well-known brands and major transport purchasers. The issue was speeding in heavy goods transport services and focused on possibility for them as purchasers  to start including requirement of speed compliance in their procurement operations for heavy goods transport services. One year later The Swedish Transport Administration and eight of the companies involved made a public appeal where they committed themselves to set up requirement for follow-up on speed when purchasing different sorts of transport services.

The initiative is named Sustainable speed due to the fact that it becomes more and more clear that road safety needs to be handled within the global sustainability goals of Agenda 2030. Furthermore, the initiative lies well in line with the new requirement presented by the Academic Expert Group for the 3rd Global Ministerial Conference on Road Safety 2020 regarding a second Decade of Action for Global Road Safety.

During years to come the Swedish Transport Administration will continue the collaboration with transport purchasers, private as well as public.

Procurement guides, Management systems and Trade certifications

  • Q3 – Forum for Sustainable Transportation

Q3 is a forum for sustainable transport, in which members can exchange experience, share ideas and gain access to expert assistance. The forum helps, through the Guide for Procurement ant follow-up of road transport services, transport purchasers to set requirements for enhanced safety as well as reduced environmental impact.

  • ISO 39001 Management system for traffic safety

Associations and trade organisations connected to road transport, like The Swedish association for Road Transport Companies and The Swedish Confederation of Transport Enterprises contributes to quality assurance of road safety throughout their own certification programs.