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The theory test and the practical driving test

The driving licence test consist of two different tests. Information about what you are assessed on during the theory test and the practical driving test can be found here.

In order to obtain a Swedish driving licence, you will need to take a knowledge theory test and a practical driving test. During the tests, you must prove that you have the required theoretical knowledge you need to be a safe driver. 

Everyone must have their photo taken in conjunction with their first theory test. Therefore, you should make sure to arrive well in advance of your test and don't forget to bring a valid identification document! Having your photograph taken for your driving licence is a requirement for being allowed to take the test. This also applies to those who already have a driving licence and are taking a test to be approved for a new licence category.

The theory test for B licence

The theory test measures whether you have the necessary theoretical knowledge to be a safe, eco-friendly driver. The test measures your knowledge in five different areas:

  • Vehicle knowledge and manoeuvring
  • The environment
  • Road safety
  • Rules of the road
  • Actions and reactions 

How the theory test works

The test consists of 70 questions, but you can only get 65 points. This is because there are five test evaluation questions.To pass the test, you must answer 52 questions correctly and you will have 50 minutes to complete the test.

The theory test begins with a video describing the testing procedure. You can see the video here before you arrive to your test. You find it at the bottom of this page.

The driving test for B licence

When taking your driving test you will be required to prove that you can independently apply your theoretical knowledge to safe driving practices. In the test, you are assessed based on a number of areas of competence:

  • Vehicle knowledge
  • Manoeuvring
  • Eco-friendly driving
  • Rules of the road
  • Road safety and behaviour

How the driving test works

The driving test begins with an explanation of the procedure and what the examiner will be assessing. If you do not understand Swedish, you are able to watch a video at the start of your test. You can also see the video here before you arrive to your driving test.

After the introductory you will be asked to perform a safety inspection. You will then be asked to drive for a minimum of 25 minutes in a variety of road conditions; for example urban and rural areas. The examiner will give you clear instructions on which route to follow. If a dangerous situation arises in which the examiner is required to intervene, you are still regarded as the driver of the vehicle and remain liable if something happens during the test.