Borås ställverk

Borås interlocking system

In order for the interlocking system at Borås central station to continue to function, we must replace the interlocking system and its signals. A new, modern interlocking system will increase safety. Moreover, this will make railway services more flexible

Borås central station is equipped with an interlocking system that was built in 1951 and is of the model “electricity plus electricity”. Borås is a hub with connecting lines to Göteborg and Värnamo (Coast to Coast), Varberg (Viskadalsbanan) and Herrljunga (Älvsborgsbanan).

There is a great shortage of spare parts for the interlocking system in Borås since the manufacture of important components stopped long ago. It is also difficult to recruit competent personnel for maintenance and trouble-shooting since “electricity plus electricity” interlocking systems are very rare nowadays. Some cables and cabinets have been upgraded in recent years but many of the signals and cables are in relatively poor condition.

Computerised instead of “electricity plus electricity”

The old interlocking system will be replaced with a new computerised interlocking system. The railway yard will be equipped with ATC (Automatic Train Control). ATC is a system that reduces the risk of accidents that are caused by incorrect operation by the train driver. It can be described as a monitoring system that prevents the train from exceeding a speed limit or from passing a stop signal. All road protection facilities will be controlled by the new interlocking system. In addition, the signals will be modernised in order to achieve a robust standard.

Time schedule

2018 Investigation and production of a digital model of the facility
2019 Planning, building documentation and specifications
2020 Procurement of contractor and signal-box
2021–2022 Building, commissioning of new signal-box (August 2022)