Spår och växelbyte

Borås-Hillared, replacement of tracks and switches

The Swedish Transport Administration is undertaking a greater number of re-investment assignments in order to increase cost effectiveness. A number of projects have been planned which include the replacement of tracks and switches.

The railway between Borås and Hillared is in great need of maintenance since it has a low technical standard which implies a risk of problems for train services. This stretch of railway was built in the late 1800s and most of the line consists of tracks that were laid before 1961.

The project will involve the replacement of tracks and switches on the Coast to Coast line that runs between Borås and Hillared. This is to increase safety and efficiency for passengers and cargo trains. The Coast to Coast line is an important part of Sweden’s railway network and has large volumes of both cargo trains and passenger trains. The total length of track to be replaced is about 21.4 kilometres.

Preliminary time schedule

  • Preparatory work, burying of cables - March to August 2019
  • Production summer 2020
  • The facility will open up for traffic in the autumn of 2020