Clarifications of tenders

From April 2024, the Swedish Transport Administration (Trafikverket) applies extended opportunities for corrections, clarifications and additions to tenders.

Expanded possibilities for correction, clarification and completion of tenders

Starting in April 2024, Trafikverket applies expanded possibilities for corrections, clarifications and additions to tenders in Trafikverket’s procurements. The aim is to pursue the greatest possible competition with equal treatment and transparent rules.

This means that Trafikverket can request and allow the tenderer to supplement, clarify or correct the information provided, as long as it does not change the commercial content of the tender, and if it can be done according to the conditions stated in the tender documents.

The change is implemented in line with:

  • Trafikverket’s mission is to work for increased productivity and efficiency in the markets for investment, operation and maintenance.
  • Trafikverket’s goal to be the Supplier’s first choice.
  • Trafikverket’s new guideline Collaboration in contracts and technical consulting services.

Details can be found in the tender documents

Please note that what applies in the individual procurement is shown in the tender documents.

Tender documents

Trafikverket regularly rejects good tenders due to minor formal flaws in the tender. The deficiencies occur among well-established and procurement-accustomed companies as well as less experienced tenderers. In addition to the fact that it means a higher cost for Trafikverket and society in the individual business, it can mean that suppliers feel that it is too complicated to do the right thing and refrain from submitting tenders to Trafikverket altogether.