Business strategy

This strategy coordinates, documents, clarifies and develops, in some parts, the strategies for procurement of contracts and technical consultants currently being applied within Trafikverket.

The strategy and its annexes deals with procurements in which LOU (the Public Procurement Act) and LUF (Act on Procurement in the Water, Energy, Transport and Postal Services Sectors) apply within the contracts group of categories and the technical consultants group of categories (technical specialists and other resource consultants are not included). 

The efforts with the Swedish Transport Administration’s strategic work with procurements (overall procurement strategy within the category) for contracts and technical consultants, hereinafter referred to as “Strategic Procurement,” has been ongoing and refined over the past several years.

In the previous version 3.0, the move from uniformity (tidiness) of the Swedish Transport Administration’s procurements and business relationships started, towards starting to use the procurements and business relationships as a strategic tool, for example via a special focus on innovation or other benefits. In order for the Swedish Transport Administration to contribute to the achievement of, among other objectives, the goals of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, i.e. long-term sustainable economic, social and environmental development, further revitalisation of the strategic work with the procurements is required. It starts in this version.

The business strategy of The Swedish Transport Administration

The business strategy of The Swedish Transport Administration (pdf 2 MB)