E65, Svedala–Börringe

The E65 is an important commuter route between Ystad and Malmö and provides a connection to Malmö Airport. In order to increase the road's capacity, accessibility and safety the E65 between Svedala and Börringe is to be remodelled.


The E65 is of great regional, national and international importance, for example for heavy traffic to the port of Ystad and transit traffic to Bornholm from Copenhagen.

The road is currently a 2+1 road with a roundabout to route 813, which connects to Malmö Airport. There is currently insufficient capacity, with long traffic queues at peak travel time. The road is also prone to accidents, such as wildlife accidents, single vehicle accidents and rear-end collisions.

At Börringe there is poor road safety at the connections to E65. There is currently a bicycle path from the village of Börringe and eastwards which has a low standard.

About the project

The project involves building a new road, both widen the existing road and build a new section on undeveloped land.

  • 1.7 km widening the existing road, which is currently 2+1 lanes and has a speed limit of 100 km/h, to a motorway with a speed limit of 110 km/h.
  • 2 km new motorway, built mostly on arable land
  • 1.7 km new road 2+2 lanes, built mostly on arable land.
  • 2 km smaller road which will run parallel to the existing E65.
  • 3.5 km narrowing the existing road to a public regular road with speed limit of 70 km/h and a bicycle path parallel to the road.

The road will be built with the protection and safeguarding of wildlife in mind and road users will be protected from wildlife accidents. A number of measures and adaptations will be implemented.