Transport of wide houses and house modules

Newly manufactured houses and house sections do not in principle need to be assembled to larger dimensions than what is permitted to transport in accordance with the basic rules in order to be allowed to transport cargo by road.

Large freight flows and transit

For transport assignments where large flows of house modules are planned, Trafikverket (Swedish Transport Administration) recommends that you use the nearest suitable port in relation to the goods' starting or destination point in Sweden. In order to avoid unnecessary transit with wide transports on the Swedish road network, you should consider an arrangement with shipping directly between the goods' country of origin and destination.

Permitted width

According to the current general guidelines from Transportstyrelsen (the Swedish Transport Agency) (see TSFS 2009: 64), exceptions for newly built houses and house sections should not be allowed if the width exceeds 4.15 meters. However, Trafikverket (Swedish Transport Administration) can make exemption decisions for sections wider than 4.15 meters if there are special reasons. In such cases, the manufacturer must ascertain the transport possibilities, in good time before the production of the sections, in dialogue with us at the Swedish Transport Administration.


The Swedish Transport Administration strongly recommends that the transport height does not exceed 4.5 meters. Wide transports with a height higher than 4.5 meters often mean that a road network other than the most suitable must be used. It is important that suitable vehicles be used for the transports. If the load is possible to transport with a lower total height than 4.5 meters, such vehicles must be used.


According to general guidelines TSFS 2009: 64, a transport wider than 4.5 meter must have escort with traffic directors (vägtransportledare, VTL). This is a basic rule. In cases where a wide transport needs to be run on narrower roads, escorts of road transport leaders may also be relevant even with widths less than 4.5 meters (as a guide value, at least three meters of remaining road width should be available on roads where oncoming traffic may occur).

Relocation of existing houses

When it comes to moving existing (old) houses, Trafikverket does an assessment in each application, depending on the width of the proposed route, distance of the route, traffic volume on the current road section, whether if it is possible to divide the house in smaller parts, etc.

Time conditions

In order to minimize the inconvenience of a bulky transport, there may be reasons to prescribe that it should, for example, be driven at low traffic, e.g. at night.