Technical pages for subscribers – Real time traffic information

Here you will find information on Datex II. You can download schedules, wsdl-files, sample code, etcetera to help you get started with Datex II. This page will be updated with more information regularly.

Launch of new DATEX version 3.1

Publications will be upgraded from Datex version 2.3 to 3.1 and will be deployed to production from now and during 2024 in our new technical platform at Trafikverket, Datautbytesportalen Startsida | Datautbytesportal (

To be enabled to get information from our publications version 3.1 and higher you need to register an account at Dataportalen.

We will close down our old publications in version 2.3 and 3.0 a few mounths after we have published version 3.1 in Dataportalen. We are going to send out more information when it happens. In Datautbytesportalen can you find documentations, schema, how to get data and a test bench.

In Dataportalen can you find:

  • TrafficSafetyCamera
  • TravelTime from end of September
  • TrafficFlow from November


The Transport Administration uses a single license for all open data. The information contained in trafficinformation for the Datexstandard is licensed under the Creative Commons CC0.


Document that describes contents and information of Datex II format

Datex II schema and WSDL

We use web services according to the regular DATEX II profile. URL’s to services, WSDL and schemas are listed for each service in DATEX II 3.0 specification.

If you want to get the XML schema or WSDL for a certain type of DATEX II service se example below:

XML schema


For more technical information see DATEX II specification.