What type of information can be accessed?

There are a number of services for developers who build useful applications on the traffic information that they get from the Swedish transport administration. Examples are web sites; Läget i trafiken, Trafiken.nu and Hitta.se.

Our data are also used in mobile navigation system, in local and national radio, RDS-TMC, in text-tv, as well as variable message signs.

Here is a summary of the uses you can get traffic information to:

Emergency Information

Emergency informationInformation on emergencies that affects the traffic. Emergency modes are extraordinary events such as storms, landslides and contain information about the location, impact, causes and possible traffic restrictions.

Bearing Capacity Reduction

Bearing capacity reductionInformation on the reduction of bearing capacity of the road, for example because of the spring thaw or damaged roads. Contains information about the route, start time and limitations of the gross weight..


EventsInformation on special events that may cause congestion, parking problems and similar. Contains information about the location, duration, effects, causes and possible traffic restrictions.

Abnormal Ferry times

Abnormal ferry timesReports of deviations and cancellations of the SwedishTransport Administration ferry services. Contains information on ferry routes, estimated duration and possible restrictions.

Convoy Driving

Vägmärke: Varning för annan faraInformation about the convoy driving run in conjunction with heavy snow in exposed road sections, which requires convoy driving to pass.

Queue warning

Queue warningInformation about traffic jams on selected routes - currently on some roads in Gothenburg


Unforeseen obstructions

Unforeseen obstructionsEmergency information on traffic accidents, fallen trees and other obstructions that affect accessibility. Includes information on location, impact, causes and possible traffic restrictions.

Rest area

RestareaInformation about rest areas with information on location, level of equipment, service and information functions.


Estimated travel time

Estimated travel timeInformation on estimated travel time compared to normal travel times on selected routes in Stockholm, Gothenburg and Skåne. Contains information about the location (including routing, link, direction and road reference), time, current travel time, free flow time and quality declaration.


RoadworkInformation about ongoing, planned and completed roadworks. Includes information on location, type of road work, impact and restrictions like closures of lanes, width restrictions, rerouting and traffic and speed reductions.

Road conditions

Road conditionsRegularly updated information about road conditions from traffic management's assessment based on camera images, weather forecasts and information reported by the contractors. Road conditions contains information on route and the type of conditions.


Vägmärke: Varning för sidvindInformation about the weather situation along the roads based on reports from automatic road weather stations. Contains data about air and surface temperature, precipitation, wind direction and wind speed.