Providers of services related to railway transport in Sweden

According to EU Regulation 2017/2177, providers of services related to railway transport shall publish a service facility description.

Services aimed at railway infrastructure managers are not subject to this Regulation. The services covered are listed in Annex 2 of Directive 2012/34/EU, with the exception of point 1, which is Minimum package of access services (train paths).

What is to be included in a service facility description is described in Article 4 of the Regulation. Please see the appended Regulation 2017/2177 below.

Commission Implementing Regulation (EU) 2017/2177 (

According to this Regulation, the Swedish Transport Administration must publish service facility operators’ links to their service facility descriptions in the Network Statement. The Swedish Transport Administration’s Network Statement contains a link to this web page.

The Swedish Transport Agency is the administrative authority in charge of supervising service facility descriptions and service facility operators. If you fulfil the criteria for service facility operators in accordance with the above Regulation, you should submit your information in the form below for later publication on this page.

The Swedish Transport Administration will update the web page regularly with the links that the service facility operators have sent to the Swedish Transport Administration. Each service facility operator is responsible for the accuracy of their information, and is also responsible for all their information in all other aspects.The list of service facility operators in Sweden can be found here: Providers of services related to railway transport in Sweden (

RailNetEurope has drawn up a template in order to simplify the preparation of a service facility description:

Common Template for Service Facilities (

In addition to sending a link to the service facility description to the Swedish Transport Administration, the service facility operator must publish the service facility description on its website or a common web portal. The European Commission has developed a portal owned and managed by RNE (RailNetEurope) and UIRR (Union Internationale pour le transport combine Rail-Route).

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