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Industry structure - construction market contracts

A few Swedish companies dominate the construction industry, but the market is increasingly characterised by international competition.

Svevia, Peab, NCC, Skanska and Infranord dominate the construction sector when it comes to road investments, investments in embankments, operation, tunnel and resurfacing. Historically, these companies have sought greater control over the entire production chain in order to increase profitability. This means strategically that the companies collaborate with suppliers and invest in their own production of important raw materials. Several of the companies own asphalt plants, concrete batching plants and rock quarries. All in all, this increases the efficiency of the production chain while limiting competition. In the Swedish Transport Administration's procurements in 2021, Svevia and Peab were the bidders that submitted the most tenders among the construction companies. Then came NCC and Skanska.

Interest from foreign suppliers has increased

Foreign suppliers have shown interest in the Swedish construction market in recent years, due to the large infrastructure investments planned in Sweden.

This includes new railway main lines. There is to some extent a lack of competence and resources in Sweden when it comes to large and complex infrastructure projects, which means that there is a need to market future projects internationally.

The Swedish Transport Administration's procurement of the road and rail modes of transport

You can read more about the Swedish Transport Administration's procurement of the road and rail modes of transport via the links below. The focus is on highlighting deviations and submarkets where competition is less effective.