Railway - market and competition

Here you can read about the competitive situation of the Swedish Transport Administration's procurements in the railway sector.

Railway investments

The suppliers and consortia contracted for the major infrastructure projects will also become the predominant players in investment railway. These include, for example, NCC – W&F West Link Contractors, Skanska, Implenia, AGN Haga and NCC.

Investments and reinvestments BEST

BEST (track, power, signal and telecommunications) mostly includes tracks, points, sleeper replacements, switchgear and overhead contact lines.

NRC Group, Infranord, Infrakraft, Skanska and Leonhard Weiss are significant players in BEST. The competitive situation has developed well and the average number of tenders amounted to 4.1 in 2022.

Maintenance, railway

Maintenance activities are divided into basic maintenance railway, reinvestments, other maintenance and operations:

Basic maintenance, railway

Basic maintenance includes measures to maintain the operation of the installations here and now. It is divided into corrective maintenance and preventive maintenance. Basic maintenance is largely carried out through so-called basic contracts which are procured for geographical areas. The contract period for a basic contract is usually five years with an option for a two-year extension.

The railway maintenance market in Sweden consists mainly of a few large suppliers who master all the technical areas of the railways. Infranord has by far the largest share in basic maintenance railway, followed by Strukton and NRC Group. Together, they have a share of about 84 per cent of the total volume. Other players who have established themselves are BDX Företagen and Infratek.

Other maintenance and reinvestment railway

Other maintenance and reinvestment railway consists of measures on railways that are not carried out in the framework of basic maintenance, BEST works and construction works. They include reinvestment, preventive and remedial measures, replacement of components in the facilities and operating costs. Here the market is dominated by Infranord, Strukton, NRC Group and BDX Företagen.

Construction work railway

Construction work maintenance is mainly comprised of reinvestment and maintenance measures for the replacement or reinforcement of bridges and the renovation of tunnels. The single largest measures are the reinvestment of the bridges at Getingmidjan and tunnels in Solna.