Focus areas 2020 in the Construction Forum

With effect from 2020, we call our joint investments in the construction industry focus areas.

The Swedish Construction Federation, the Federation of Swedish Innovation Companies and the Swedish Transport Administration have decided that from 2020 the work of the Construction Forum will be carried out in focus areas instead of thematic areas, as previously.

Each focus area includes activities that are expected to deliver solutions that contribute to further development in the construction industry. For example, deliveries can consist of tools, methods and approaches.

The construction industry has a large and long-lasting footprint in our society. That construction projects are designed with sustainability in focus is becoming increasingly important, so as to address the demands and challenges that we face. Generally speaking, sustainability means that environmental, social and economic aspects interact in the most optimal way possible.

Sustainability (pdf, 227 kB)

The provision of competence is one of the most pressing issues for the construction industry to deal with and there are two areas that represent the foundation for being able to do this.

One is to increase the attractiveness of the industry, so that more people apply for construction-related courses and occupations. The second is to make the education system understand that the construction industry is a future industry and that they must therefore be able to offer and develop relevant education in a wide spectrum. 

Provision of competence (pdf, 230 kB)

The Construction Forum, its principals and members shall act in such a way that no colleagues or employees are exploited or mistreated, laws shall be complied with, competition shall be fair and all actors shall work for a credible and attractive industry.

The Construction Forum considers it of the utmost importance to combat wage dumping, poor working conditions, undeclared work, discrimination and corruption, partly through its own undertakings and partly by clarifying the measures necessary to facilitate and ensure fair competition.

Healthy competition (pdf, 222 kB)