FSE905 Wastewater Treatment Plant and Wastewater Systems

The contract includes equipment such as pumps, valves, sensors for the wastewater systems, including control and monitoring systems for eight pumping stations, a wastewater treatment plant at Kungens kurva and in the Akalla tunnel, as well as a wastewater storage on Lovö. Pipes outside the pumping stations and the construction of the wastewater treatment plant are included in another contract.

The facility's wastewater systems will handle the wastewater and drainage water as well as supplying fire hydrants and the fixed fire fighting system with water. The lowest points in the tunnel system are almost 100 m below ground level. The large differences in elevation between ground and tunnel levels will lead to considerable pressure differences in the wastewater systems.

The wastewater plant will be used for treatment and sedimentation of the tunnel wastewater. It will also manage oil separation and the dosing of flocculants. After measurement, sampling treatment and sedimentation the water will be discharged into the municipal wastewater system.

Fixed Fire Fighting System

The contract includes a water based fixed fire fighting system that will be positioned centrally in the roof of the main tunnel and ramps.

The fire fighting system will be divided into sections that are approximately 50 meters long in the main tunnel, and 75 metres long in the ramp runnels. The sections will be connected to the nearest emergency exit where valves are located.