Effects of Vision Zero

Vision Zero has led to greater cooperation and management by objectives in order to achieve road safety targets. Of central importance are indicators that influence safety. Analysis reports on the course of development are published each year.

Annual outcome conferences

Road safety work in Sweden is based on Vision Zero and is carried out in a systematic way using a management by objectives model. This model involves measuring and following up a series of current situations in the road traffic system which have a verified connection with the trend for the numbers of fatalities and severely injured on the roads. These situations are measured using what are known as road safety performance indicators. Interim targets are then set for the numbers of fatalities and severely injured, as well as for the indicators. The actual numbers of fatalities and severely injured, and the indicators, are followed up and analysed every year. The analysis is then presented at annual results conferences attended by various stakeholders. The purpose of the management by objectives model is to apply a long term, systematic approach to road safety work.