Vision Zero Academy

We believe that knowledge saves lives. We also believe that the number of traffic-related deaths and injuries will decrease faster if we work systematically with road safety using the Vision Zero approach, in Sweden and around the globe.

Vision Zero has introduced a new approach to road safety. From its country of origin – Sweden – ideas and working methods have been spread internationally.

Knowledge hub

In 2019,  the Vision Zero Academy was established by the Swedish Transport Administration. Vision Zero Academy is a global knowledge hub with the overall purpose to spread knowledge about Vision Zero and support and collaborate with different stakeholders around the world in their strive for safe road transport systems.

Here you can find information about the birth and progress of the view of Vision Zero, and its effects on road safety. The website contains articles and different types of information that illustrate Vision Zero from a variety of starting points. It also contains examples of how the concepts and approach of Vision Zero have gained a foothold, in both countries outside Sweden as well as in other circumstances.

Vision Zero International Course

In September each year, we arrange our week-long Vision Zero International Course in Sweden.