Processing times

How quickly we process your case depends on the type of transport the case concerns, how you have applied and how complete your application is.

We strongly recommend that you use our e-service Trix (you register your application directly in the system). If we receive applications in another way, for example by e-mail or a regular letter, we register these manually, normally during two sessions per working day (10.00–11.30 and 15.00–16.30).

We start the cases in turn according to the time when the registration where done. The processing time is normally one to three working days.

Extended processing time

An application that is not complete takes longer to process. The processing time can also be longer for cases that require further investigations or opinions from other authorities.

For applications that arrive in very good time before the desired transport date, we normally wait to make the exemption decision until one or a few days before the required transportation date. This is because the situation on the roads (road works or other restrictions) often changes.