How is my application for transport exemption reviewed?

A basic condition for an exemption is that the item to be transported is indivisible. We will review your application as regards traffic safety, admissible loads on bridges and roads, navigability, and the suitability of the vehicle for the transport.

In order to be able to handle your application before the planned transportation deadline, it is important that you submit it well in advance.

For extreme weights and for transport that requires an escort by a traffic director or the police (width greater than 450 cm or length greater than 35 m, for example), the handling time can often be much longer. If an escort is required, the applicant should hire a traffic director well in advance of the estimated transport day. A list of traffic directors is available from the Swedish Police website.

Swedish Police website

An incomplete application can take longer to handle, since we must obtain additional information before we can handle your application.