Transport exemption for abnormal road transports

There are weight and dimension regulations applicable to Sweden for vehicles. If a vehicle or vehicle combination, loaded or unloaded, must be wider, longer, or heavier than the basic regulations allow, you can apply for an excemption for that transport.

In Chapter 4 of the Traffic Ordinance (SFS 1998:1276), there are regulations on the weight, width, and length applicable to Sweden. On the Swedish Transport Agency's website, there is a publication called "Legal loading", where you can find information on weight and dimension regulations for heavy vehicles.

Legal loading (pdf,

Apply for transport exemption

Use the link "Apply for transport exemption (login to Trix)" on this page to apply for a transport exemption. Trix is Trafikverket's system for handling transport exemptions for internal and external users.  You can also for example track an exemption case, find your decisions and download DBS files. The Trafikverket regional offices or the municipalities will review the application for the road transport.

In order to assure equal assessment of Swedish and foreign vehicles it will from the 2nd of September 2024 be required to attach, in addition to the certificate of registration, the Swedish Transport Administration’s form for technical information when the application is in regard to foreign vehicles (with the exception of applications concerning wide loads only).