Personal data we collect about you

When you browse the website, we collect personal data about you. Collection of personal data also occurs when you use our newsletter and/or text messaging services, case services, webshop, or use our services where login is required.

More detailed information about the processing of your personal data can be found below.

ServicePersonal data collectedPurposeHow long is the data retained?Consequences
if you refrain from providing your personal data
Surfing Cookies (but
generally no personal data).
We use cookies for
web analytics. Learn more about what cookies are and how we use them.
The cookies are
stored on your computer for a certain amount of time.
You will not have
full use of
E-mail and SMS services E-mail address or
mobile number, sometimes we collect your name.
In order for you to
obtain the information that you have ordered.
Until you request
removal, or that your e-mail address or phone number is no longer reachable.
You will not receive
e-mail with newsletters nor information via text message.
Case Services Contact details,
invoice details and representative information such as name, address, telephone
number and e-mail address.
In order for us to
deal with and respond to your case.
The data is retained
as long as the case is active. Public documents prepared archived in connection
with the case may contain personal data.
We cannot attend to
your case. You can contact us by telephone or post instead.

Name and address.

In order to receive
the products you have ordered.
The data is retained
for up to two years after the product has been delivered, in order for us to
manage delivery tracking and any issues/complaints.
You cannot purchase
the item.
Services requiring a
user account
Name, personal ID
number, address, telephone number, e-mail address. In some services, additional
information may be
In order to be able
to log in and use the services, and so that we know who you are (secure
identification). needed or may be
voluntarily provided.
Selective deletion
(removal) is governed by the thinning decisions pursuant to the Swedish
Archives Act.
 You cannot obtain the
service or attend to the case. Depending upon the service, you can contact us
via telephone, e-mail or
postal mail.
Driving licence test
services, book driving test
Name, personal ID
number, address, telephone number, e-mail address.
In order to be able
to log in and use the services.
Your data will be
saved for 10 years and then deleted according to the established deletion rules
and procedures.
You will not be able
use the service.
Completed driving
license tests and professional driving tests
Information about
your completed tests is communicated to the Transportstyrelsen, the Swedish
Transport Agency.
The legal basis for
processing your personal data is the exercise of public authority pertaining to
non-commercial driving licences and commercial (professional) driving license