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Images and links on Trafikverket's website

Read about how to use images from our website and what you should think about if you link to the website.

The images on the website may not be used without prior consent from the Trafikverket.


  • the images may not be used for commercial purposes without prior consent from the Swedish Transport Administration and the photographer
  • the images may be cropped but not distorted
  • the name of the photographer must be given when the image is published.

Policy for linking to Trafikverket's website

We ask that you respect the following if linking to Trafikverket's website:

  • The link must be in a neutral typeface.
  • Use only hypertext links. This means that the site will open in a window with the URL of the Trafikverket's in the browser's address bar.
  • Do not use integrated links (also known as inline links).
  • Do not use linking within frames, i.e., do not link in a manner that entails Trafikverket's website being viewed from within another website. This is because we wish to avoid being linked to e.g., commercial interests.
  • Do not link in a manner or in a context that could entail a risk of the Trafikverket's material being misunderstood.