The Swedish Transport Administration’s supplier day 2021(completed)

Welcome to a day where you will receive information that may be crucial to your company or valuable if you plan to do business with us.

 We will broadcast this day digitally, but as usual you will be given an opportunity to gain knowledge of how we together - you as the supplier and we as the client - can jointly meet the expectations that society has on us.

We will of course present many upcoming business deals. We will also provide you with an insight into what it is like to be one of our suppliers and how we will create a sustainable infrastructure together. The information will be broad and deep and you will also have the opportunity to "meet" many of our employees.
We'll be seeing you!

Together for a sustainable future

Date: 23 September
Place: Digital event


Live Studio 10.00-11.30
The broadcast is held in Swedish but subtitled in English.
Hosts: Camilla Ahston and Maciej Zakrzewski


How do we contribute to a societal  development and a sustainable future?
Lena Erixon, Director-General Trafikverket and Sven Hunhammar, Sustainability and Environment

How does the Swedish Transport Administration  develop collaboration with the supplier market?
Daniel Ljunglund, Purchasing and Logistics  and Charlotte Gudmundsson, Investment


How does the business area Maintenance within the Swedish Transport Administration perform its strategic transition as a client?  
Malin Holen, Maintenance

How does the Swedish Transport Administration  become the first choice for suppliers?
Annika Holmqvist, Investment, Anders Selström, Major Projects and Ali Sadeghi, New Main Lines

11.30 Thank you

Take part in the broadcast afterwards. It is subtitled in English.