Supplier Day 2023

Supplier Day 2023 will take place on 28 September, and this year the event will be 100 percent digital. Our focus this year is on good cooperation and mutual trust as a basis for better business. But there’s lots more on offer too, of course.


10:00–11:30 Live broadcast

During the morning we broadcast live from a studio in Stockholm. There you will meet, among others, our Director-General Roberto Maiorana, as well as our various Business Area Managers who will tell you about how they work to create better business and increased profitability – to stimulate both us and the market to create better business and business forms.

In addition to our Director-General , you will meet Daniel Ljunglund (Purchasing and Logistics), Patrick Guné (Major Projects), Annika Holmqvist (Investment), Ulrika Geeraedts (New Maine Lines), Malin Holen, (Maintenance) and various external partners.

12:30–16:00 Digital fair

The day continues with a digital fair where you get to meet our various business areas who talk about their upcoming business and also invite you to meetings where you get to hear more about what they have to offer and how they think about the future.

We offer a content-rich day - we hope you will join us!

Date and time

Thursday, September 28

Live broadcast: 10:00–11:30

Registration closes at 17.00 on September 27.