Industry structure - civil engineering market technical services and consultants

Technical consultants in infrastructure are dominated by major players. There is a large number of small consultancy firms but few medium-sized ones.

Technical services and consultants include a variety of competences in investment and maintenance activities, such as design, planning, investigation, project administration, site follow-up, various types of technical services and construction and project management.

The Swedish market is dominated by major players

In the Swedish market for technical services and consultants in infrastructure, major players such as Sweco, WSP, Afry, and Tyréns dominate. Many of the consulting services are also supplied by the contractors. There are consulting costs embedded in design and construct contracts. Bombardier (Alstom) and NCC are the larger suppliers of consulting services among the contracting companies.

Sweco is the most dominant supplier in the Swedish Transport Administration and the tenderer that submitted the most tenders in the Swedish Transport Administration's procurements in 2022, followed by Afry, Tyréns, WSP and Atkins. There is also a large number of small consultancy firms on the market but few medium-sized ones.

Interest in our procurements is increasing

In 2022, the Swedish Transport Administration's purchase volume for technical services and consultants amounted to SEK 8,5 billion in investment and maintenance operations. The volume was distributed among approximately 985 suppliers and organisations, large and small. The largest volumes can be found in the railway mode of transport. Interest in The Swedish Transport Administration's procurements has increased over the past year and the average number of tenders has developed well from an average of 2.3 tenders in 2018 to 3,2 tenders in 2022.

The development of consulting companies is characterized by improved market conditions, especially in the areas of infrastructure, water, environment, energy and digitalisation. To meet the demand for the environment, sustainability and digital, growth is accelerated, among other things, through an increased number of takeovers. The infrastructure consultancy market is international and several foreign consulting companies show interest in Sweden and the Nordic infrastructure market. This is true both of project design consultants and project management firms.

Technical services and consultants – roads

Sweco, Afry, WSP and Tyréns dominate, followed by Ramboll and Cowi.

Technical services and consultants – railway

WSP and Afry dominate, followed by Bombardier, Tyréns and Ramboll.