A safe journey - E4 The Stockholm bypass Project

The E4 Stockholm bypass is a modern answer to traffic problems. A large number of safety solutions and technical systems are to be installed on completion of the project’s tunnels. This will result in safe travel for all road users.

As part of the E4 Stockholm bypass project, we are building one of the world’s longest motorway tunnels. Overall, the tunnel and its technical systems correspond to Stockholm’s northern and southern links, the Essinge and Norrort suburban stretches and the Muskö tunnel. Individually and together, they are to fulfil the safety requirements for European highways and road traffic tunnels in Sweden.

Compliance with standards entails the following. The tunnel shall function as intended not only in normal operation but also in emergency response situations and other scenarios such as accidents, fires and traffic jams. Road users shall be secure and safe throughout the 18-km journey in the tunnel.

Safety through multiple technical systems

A safe tunnel requires smoothly functioning, high-technology, safety solutions. Advanced technical systems for power supply, ventilation, surveillance and traffic control are also needed. Thus, on completion of the rock tunnels, prodigious time and effort will go into installing, checking and testing all the technical systems. To ensure that the facility satisfies the comprehensive safety requirements that have to be met before the stretch can be opened to traffic, we are carrying out several years’ worth of testing. This is being done in both factory environments and the tunnel itself.

Implementing the technical systems in the E4 Stockholm bypass doubles the technical equipment in Stockholm’s road facilities.