The construction of the West Link demands a lot of art and creativity

To alleviate any negative impact of the construction plank panelling used to conceal the ongoing building work, we want to put it to good use as a venue for creative activities and artistic expression.

Sweden's largest art project?

In total, the various work sites for the West Link project in central Gothenburg are surrounded by several kilometres of plank panelling. The green panels are either 2.8 or 4 metres in height. The panels are in place for varying amounts of time, depending on the production process, and the need for the screening panels and the artwork will vary over time.

We are making space on this large display area available for creative talents to produce artwork in return for payment. The artists will have the opportunity to produce their work on plank panels at sites that are passed by thousands of people each day. We would like the art that is produced to have a conceptual connection to the specific location. Find out more under the descriptions of each respective site.

In addition to the art, the planks will also present information about the project and serve as an arena for different cultural organisations in partnership with the City of Gothenburg. Artefacts that have been discovered during excavation work – such as relics from Gothenburg's early history – will also be displayed.

The objective is that the plank panels will become an attraction in their own right, arousing curiosity, beautifying locations and ornamenting spaces, while also building expectations of constant renewal.

The decoration of the planks has already begun at Linnéplatsen, where two artists from Konstepidemin have been commissioned to produce their work.

We would like to have a mixture of creative works, such as paintings, sculptures, light installations, projections, etc. – in other words, anything that engages people and arouses curiosity. Participants must have a genuine interest in artistic and creative forms of expression, as well as having experience of working with large surfaces or painting murals.

At selected sites, Trafikverket (in collaboration with the City of Gothenburg) will be organising events, which will present an opportunity to work within a thematic area.

We will provide a certain amount of financial support to compensate for the cost of materials and the work expended. Such support will be assessed individually for each participant.

When allocating sites and financial support, priority will be given to proposals that:

• have a conceptual connection to the specific location

• are innovative and original, and that create unexpected experiences

• invite, arouse interest, or activate passers-by in the urban environment

• have their roots in the local environment

• are adapted to the designated surface

• can cope with the challenges of weather and wind for at least six months (banners will not be accepted)

• comply with all rules and guidelines.

Participation in the creative construction plank project is dependent upon the establishment of a contractual agreement with Trafikverket. This written agreement must be signed by both parties in order to be contractually binding. By signing the agreement, participants agree to be bound by Trafikverket's regulations and guidelines concerning content, design, materials and recommendations.

The artwork and any other adornment of the plank panels is owned by Trafikverket, which is also responsible for its removal upon completion of the project. Trafikverket does not take any responsibility for the maintenance or replacement of the artwork or any other adornment.


Where will the art be displayed?

The art will be displayed at Station Centralen, Södra Älvstranden, Station Haga, Station Korsvägen and Linnéplatsen.