Train table at Gothenburg station.

Timetable – The West Link Project

This is the current timetable for the West Link Project. The planning and design of the West Link started in 2011 and is estimated to last over a period of about seven to eight years.

 In this time we will apply for permissibility and produce the necessary documentation for planning and construction.


  • Traffic is estimated to commence

2017 or 2018

  • Estimated construction start


  • Final (legally binding) Railway Plan
  • Final (legally binding) water-related activities


  • Planning and design continues, as well as preparatory work prior to construction. Among others, we are working with the procurement of contractors and also with the rerouting of underground pipe systems in Gothenburg.
  • Apply to the Land and Environment Court for permit to conduct water-related activities during construction. (Applied in February 2016)