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Contract signed for action-choice study and traffic study

The Swedish Transport Administration has decided to award the contract for conducting an action-choice study and a traffic study for the Gothenburg-Borås route to Ramböll Sverige AB.

The action-choice study will answer the question of what to do with the traffic system when the railway between Gothenburg and Borås has been expanded to double track. What happens for example with the existing Coast to Coast Line between Gothenburg and Borås? The study looks at both road and rail traffic and deals with both passengers and freight. The aim is that in consultation with stakeholders, propose combinations of actions, according to the four stage principle, to meet the expected demand for travel and transport between Gothenburg and Borås. Results from the study will form the basis for further study and planning work for the new railway line.

The traffic study will in turn analyse the different traffic arrangements, location of stations, including answering the question of how the trains are to run services on the new line.

The studies must account for the three time horizons: when the first stage of construction Mölnlycke-Bollebygd is complete, when the entire route Gothenburg-Borås is complete, and when the entire new main line Stockholm-Gothenburg is complete.

The traffic study is expected to be completed before year-end 2014 and the action-choice study is expected to be completed in the spring of 2015. A total of six tenders have been received and the winning tender amount is SEK 1.5 million.