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The Gothenburg–Borås Project

Due to a government decision 22 December 2022, Trafikverket has finished the planning of new main lines. A new railway between Göteborg-Borås is being evaluated.

The information below is based on the work before the government decision on 22 december 2022.

Trafikverket, the Swedish Transport Administration, plans to build a new approximately 60 km long double track railway for high-speed trains and fast regional trains between Gothenburg and Borås.

Gothenburg–Borås is one of the links in a new railway network between Stockholm and Gothenburg/Malmö. The new railway will create a rail connection to Göteborg Landvetter Airport and link the region's two largest cities closer together. Gothenburg–Borås is a 60 km long double track railway for high-speed with a top speed of 250 km per hour. With the new network comes an increase in accessibility meaning both people and businesses will be brought closer together.

The information sheet can be found via the link below, and in it you will find valuable information on the choice of business form for the procurement of the railway plan Bollebygd for Gothenburg-Borås.

Information sheet with information on the choice of business form for future procurement of the railway plan: Bollebygd, Gothenburg-Borås, part of The New Main Lines (pdf, 281 kb)

The name of the ongoing procurement is called: Consultancy Assignment For the preparation of the railway plan Bollebygd together with environmental impact assessment and system document for Gothenburg-Borås, part of new main lines within the Municipality of Bollebygd, Västra Götaland County

Important times for the procurement

  • The application invitation will be announced on 2022-04-08 (NOTE! Advertising of the TED advertisement takes about 3 days so the procurement can be seen in Kommers no earlier than 2022-04-13).
  • Last response day 2022-05-20
  • Qualified applicants are invited to take part in the tender documentation 2022-07-01
  • Last tender day 2022-10-13
  • Planned contract start in the middle of January 2023 and can be both brought forward and postponed.

Brief description of the Bollebygd section

The railway plan for Bollebygd starts at the municipal border Härryda / Bollebygd and ends at the municipal border Bollebygd / Borås.

Trafikverket’s proposal for the location of the new railway, on the section in question, involves a location south of road 27/40 in the Nolån and Sörån valleys. Through the Nolån and Sörån valleys, the railway passes the existing existing Kust till Kustbanan. To the east of the valley, the railway can, depending on the topography and location in the corridor, either go into an approximately two kilometer long tunnel or walk on the ground floor near road 27/40 before it reaches the higher terrain between Bollebygd and the municipal border towards Borås.


Upcoming procurements

In connection with the procurement of consulting assignments for the railway plans for Gothenburg – Borås, we want to provide further insight into the program, its conditions and requirements etcetera. We invite you to take part of the material below regarding background informaton.

Review documents from March 2022.

The program wants to emphasize the value of reading the Consultation Report, to understand how we actively work with consultation in Gothenburg-Borås.

During the ongoing Localization study, a method for sustainability assessments has been applied. The work will be taken further in our upcoming assignments for railway plans:


For our railway planning assignments, the following requirements for the high-speed system will be applied:

Functional system requirements New main lines, version 1.0 (pdf, 583 kB)
Technical system requirements New main lines version 1.0 (pdf, 3,19 MB)

Aerial photos and filmed material

It is possible to get access to aerial photos and film material over the route Gothenburg – Borås. Contact the senior procurement officer via the contact information at the top of this page for instructions on how.