New railway between Gothenburg and Borås

The Swedish Government gives Trafikverket an assignment to restart planning of the design phase of the new railway between Gothenburg-Borås.

To improve work commuting and the connection to Landvetter airport Trafikverket has been given the assignment to restart the paused planning of the design phase for the new railway between Gothenburg-Borås.

Trafikverket may based on the governments decision, plan for a new double track railway between Gothenburg-Borås. The new railway may not cost the Swedish government more than the previous estimated total cost for the railway Gothenburg-Borås. In the event of a broad regional agreement for additional or alternative solutions, there is a possibility for co-financing.

The Governments starting point for the planning is that implementation of the measures can be done as cost efficient as possible. In order for the planning to progress in a good and efficient way, stable conditions regarding feasibility, railway design and financing. Trafikverket will immeadiately invite stakeholders along the streak to dialogues.

In parallel with regional dialogues planning of the new railway within the location area continues, with the target to have trains operating the new railway as soon and cost efficient as possible.

Review documents from March 2022.

The program wants to emphasize the value of reading the Consultation Report, to understand how we actively work with consultation in Gothenburg-Borås.

During the ongoing Localization study, a method for sustainability assessments has been applied. The work will be taken further in our upcoming assignments for railway plans:


Aerial photos and filmed material

It is possible to get access to aerial photos and film material over the route Gothenburg – Borås. Contact the senior procurement officer via the contact information at the top of this page for instructions on how.