Digital short course in Vision Zero

This 20 minutes, web-based course in Vision Zero, gives the foundations about Vision Zero. Additional to this course, we arrange an annual, week-long Vision Zero International Course.

The Swedish Transport Administration has the mission of leading the national collaboration for increased traffic safety in Sweden. Part of the mission encompasses disseminating knowledge about Vision Zero and its safety philosophy.

Vision Zero International Course

In order to spread information and experience on the Vision Zero approach, we have initiated a week-long international course. It is held in Sweden, in September, and has now become an annual event. For more information about Vision Zero International Course, see link at the bottom of this webpage.


Digital short course in Vision Zero

Anyone is welcome to attend this shourt course. Primarily, this education is for those who, in their professional roles, influence the design and use of the road transport system in one way or another.

The education provides you with the knowledge about safety development in road traffic and the challenges Sweden faces on the journey towards safe road traffic. After completing the education, you will gain an understanding of the safety philosophy and the principles behind Vision Zero that apply to the design of a safe road transport system.  

This education is open to everyone and requires no registration. It takes about twenty minutes to complete and part of the education requires sound capability on your device.