Technology for Impaired Driving

An alcolock is based on technology that prevents a car from starting if alcohol is found in the air exhaled by the driver.

An alcolock can be used in two ways

Companies and organisations use alcolocks in their endeavours to quality-assure their transports. Thanks to the alcolock, companies and organisations can guarantee that their transport drivers are sober, behind the wheel.

Anyone suspected of DWI (Driving While Intoxocated) may apply to participate in an Alcohol Interlock programme for offenders instead of losing their driving licence.

Other sobriety controls

New technology has made it possible to implement fast sobriety controls, strategically in ports in Sweden. The fast check control needs a method, designed in a way that requires a limited presence of police or other supervision authorities. These sobriety controls can also be implemented in other strategically locations in the traffic environment as car parks, border crossings or in selected road sections.