Information comes from here - Real time traffic information

The Swedish Transport Administration collects basic data on various systems, and through private and professional reporters. Examples of reporters are SOS Alarm, the police, meteorological Institutes, taxis and private persons.

Traffic information is quality assured and then spread further through own and external channels.

By delivering timely and reliable traffic information, Swedish Transport administration helps to make the journey both easier and safer for you and others on the road.

Many different channels

The information used in the Swedish Transport Administration's IT system is collected through a variety of sources. The Swedish Transport Administration has a large number of measure stations around the country. They measure the weather, road conditions and traffic in major cities. In metropolitan areas there are also sensors that collect basic data.

From radio to mobile services

The Swedish Transport Administration traffic control centrals collects and evaluates all incoming information. Acute data linked for quality assurance on to their own information channels such as local message signs, swedish internet service "Läget i trafiken" and external service enablers offering traffic information via mobile, internet and web radio. Local and national radio are the channels that reach the highest and is used primarily in acute traffic events.