Real time traffic information

Are you interested to subscribe to traffic information and be able to develop your own services? Both private individuals and companies can subscribe free of charge. All traffic information is in XML-format via an European standard called Datex II.

The Swedish Transport Administration collects traffic information 24 hours a day, all year around and provides the information to those who want to subscribe. It is free of charge to subscribe but it requires that the user signs an agreement with the Swedish Transport Administration before getting access to the information.

On the page "How to subscribe" you can apply to become a subscriber. You can also read more about the traffic information you can get access to and how to unsubscribe. Both companies and private persons are welcome to apply.

If you already are a subscriber you find specifications, schemas, translation tables, and more to receive traffic information. Since DATEX II is a European standard and developed jointly within the EU, all technical documents are in English.

This is Datex II

Datex II is a European standard and is used to deliver traffic information from the Swedish Transport Administration to different external service providers. Traffic information is delivered in XML format and as a customer you choose whether to receive information via Push or Pull service. Push means that the Swedish Transport Administration will send updates as soon as they arrive while the pull can decide when you want to retrieve information .

Datex II is based on the UML (Unified Modeling Language) and used to graphically visualize the data model. Datex II standard is specified as XML schemas. These were created in a tool that users can download from

Datex II organization not only supports DATEX II users and maintains the standard, but also monitors and supports the expansion of Datex II on the European level. A Deployment Guideline has been developed which aims to make the use easier.

The Datex II organization has been established to maintain and develop the specifications to the benefit of all users and stakeholders. The governing body is the Datex II European Study and Expert Group as part of the EasyWay consortium.