Access to public records

The most central part of the constitutional principle of public access to official documents concerns citizen’s right to access public records.

Information can be stored in many forms. Information can, for example, be stored written in a document, represented as an image, or stored digitally.

What are public records?

Not all records at an authority are public. The information has to be stored by the authority, and it must have been sent or produced there to be classed as public. Preliminary documentation such as memos and drafts are not generally classed as public.

Official records

The majority of public records are official, but some may be classed as secret. The Public Access to Information and Secrecy Act (2009:400) regulates public access to public records.

How do I access information in Trafikverket's records?

If you want to access information kept in Trafikverket's records you must submit a request verbally or in writing.

When Trafikverket receives a request to disclose information we must promptly make a disclosure assessment. This involves determining whether information in question is public, and making a secrecy assessment.

When requesting access to information from Trafikverket's public records, you have the right to remain anonymous, but there are some exceptions. We may need to know your identity and the reason for your request when determining whether or not there are any hindrances to disclosing information from our public records.

If the information is classed as public and official in the disclosure assessment, we must make the information available free of charge on our premises as soon as possible. You have the right to read and use your own devices to copy such information.

If you do not have equipment for copying the information, Trafikverket will assist you with doing so. If you do not have the opportunity to visit our premises we can send you copies of the information. We will charge you for the copies and for postage in the accordance with the Fees ordinance (1192:191).

Decision from the authority

If Trafikverket denies your request to access information on our records and you want to lodge an appeal against that, you must request a decision from us on the matter. Only a decisions can be appealed in court.