What to consider when submitting tenders

Sometimes submitting tenders to the public sector can seem complicated. We would therefore like to give you advice on how to submit tenders.

Here at the Swedish Transport Administration we are working actively to ensure the largest and most varied supplier market possible and endeavour to conduct an open dialogue with our suppliers and tenderers. However, there are many formalities that have to be completed before you can submit a tender to a government authority. This list can help you.

What to consider when submitting tenders:

  • Read the enquiry documentation carefully and in good time. Also read through any supplements, questions and answers that appear during the tendering period straightaway.
  • Call attention to anything that is missing or incorrect in the documentation as early as possible during the tendering period. Ask questions as early as possible if anything is unclear.
  • Check all important dates.
  • If you need to extend the tendering period, apply for this in good time. But bear in mind that this will not necessarily be granted.
  • Produce your tender by following the instructions set out in the enquiry documentation.
  • Attach the documents, certificates and appendices that are required for the tender.
  • Take note of the requirements that we place in the enquiry documentation and make sure you meet them – even if you do not think that the requirements are relevant for you.
  • Submit the tender in accordance with the instructions provided in the tender documents.
  • Make sure that the tender arrives at the Swedish Transport Administration at the right time. We will not accept any tenders that come in too late - they will have to be discarded.

Please contact us if you have any questions!